Things as they are is an ongoing project about gender fluidity and the different ways we can see it interpreted and realized in the individual. 

What does masculinity mean to you?

"I identify as non-binary. So I don’t identify completely as a male or female but more a mix of these two. I think masculinity sometimes is toxic because it is seen superior and femininity inferior. I live in London basically because here I can express myself with no problems."

"I have been transitioning for round 1.5 years, and I don't feel I've reached my "ultimate" form. The labels that I've been using have been evolving, and so did my understanding of myself. I really like calling myself masculine-of-center, as it makes so much sense for me... until I actually try to define what "masculinity" is. Because I don't know what it is."

"I used to feel like a fraud for saying I was non-binary because I didn’t do anything differently from when I identified as a woman. I dressed the same, I acted the same, and I didn’t talk about being non-binary with many people."

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